Comparing Last Season to this Season, the Opposite Happened

As a season goes on you typically expect a team to get better.  The players get to know each other better, they build chemistry, more practice time, and find their groove.  What you don’t expect is for a team to go in the opposite direction.

The addition of Mike Brodeur to the 08-09 Amerks was a much needed boost of confidence that salvaged part of the season.  The 09-10 Amerks seemed to lose all confidence after the month of November once they were taken apart by injuries, call ups and what they say was the lack of practice time.

Let’s do a quick comparison to last years team versus this years:

The 09-10 Amerks got out to an early 18 win start.

The 08-09 Amerks got off to a horrible start losing an early 19 games.

The 08-09 Amerks were 22-27 from December 1st through March 23rd.

The 09-10 Amerks are 21-28 from December 1st through March 23rd.

A number of people have looked at the standings and said the Amerks have been in either first or second place for most of the season and there was no reason to worry.  I think the wins and losses paint a different picture.  A team filled with veteran leadership should not have the same record as a team of prospects and at the time an unproven ECHL goalie at the time.

The hope is that the veteran leadership of this team will find a late season surge as the run for the playoffs starts.

While we hope for that to happen the stats say that this has not been as good of a season as some have thought.

2 thoughts on “Comparing Last Season to this Season, the Opposite Happened”
  1. I completely agree with you on this one. If we (Amerks) were in any other division they would be 4-5 in the division. Well u know what they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut, how long can he make it last though?

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