Bonneau and Lord Fight Videos vs Crunch

As expected on Saturday night there was a lot of hard hits and some fights during the game.  Jimmy Bonneau and Jon Mirasty have had some of the best fights all season and wrapped things up with another good one.  Anyone who follows AHL hockey knows how much a lot of people dislike Kevin Harvey so it was not surprising to see him in a fight, this time against Andrew Lord.

Lord should have no problems getting invited to a training camp somewhere next season.

The only video I don’t currently have is what happened with about eight seconds left in the second period.  Earlier in the period Carl Hudson hit Maksim Mayorov hard into the boards and Mayorov appeared to go to the bench injured.  As the period was coming to an end Mirasty went after Hudson, didn’t get anything going, he then went after Michael Caruso and then pulled Jordan Henry out of the mixup and tried to fight him.  As Mirasty punched Caruso the Amerks bench jumped up to his defense.  As Mirasty pulled Henry down the boards it was of no surprise that Harvey reached over the boards and appeared to get in a couple shots at Henry.

After the game Mirasty said told Lindsay Kramer of, “There’s history to the teams,” Mirasty said. “It was just a little bit of a payback. I wanted to take liberties on their skill players. I didn’t expect to get kicked out.”

Taking liberties on skilled players.. real classy.

Here’s the videos…

Jimmy Bonneau vs Jon Mirasty

Andrew Lord vs Kevin Harvey

Andrew Lord vs Kevin Harvey Round 2

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6 thoughts on “Bonneau and Lord Fight Videos vs Crunch”
  1. yea assault is probably a better word. its over, the amerks werent intimidated and one teams in the playoffs and another is not.

  2. I hope the Ducks guys like to fight. If not the attendance will be 42 per game there. No Hockey in that town. Maybe sell the Crunch and have MMA there. And watching the Bonneau Mirasty fight I have to say that Jimmy totally took that one. Way more shots landed and more quality shots too. Too bad Mac wasn’t around. I also must say that after those two videos and attending the game Friday I think Andrew Lord needs to rethink the fighter deal. Of course that is the guy Harvey wants to dance with. Especially after Bonneau rearranged his face last time. Oh well. Like you said. Another sad titleless and playoffless season in Syracuse. Beat ya next year Crunch.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how Crunch fans adapt from a circus team to a team that will want to actually win.

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