Tortorella, Nichol, Biron and Highlights from the Sharky Memorial Classic

The Craig Charron Memorial Classic on Sunday in Rochester was a great time for many reasons.  The two obvious reasons being the meaning behind the benefit and also the great hockey game in early August featuring so many great players.  At the start of the game John Tortorella and Scott Nichol gave two speeches which I’ve posted below.

Being there as a fan just hanging out and watching it was a great time.  There was the standard style of hockey play you’d see at an All-Star Game, little defense, a lot of passing, some guys rifling shots and of course the expected shenanigans from Andrew Peters and Martin Biron.

It was a night full of memories for a lot of people.  The game, the autographs, souvenirs and pictures.  Many of the players handed out sticks after the game to lucky fans, something that will live with kids forever.

Here’s some more interview material from the Rochester Americans YouTube page:

And here’s the highlights from The Rochester Americans:

And lastly some awesome back and forth between Andrew Peters and Martin Biron from the Amerks: