Amerks Coaching Staff Fired – Taylor, Dineen, and Petersen

The Buffalo Sabres followed up the Tuesday morning firing of management staff to announce that the Rochester Americans coaching staff was fired as well. That included Head Coach Chris Taylor along with assistants Gord Dineen and Toby Petersen. All three had been behind the Amerks bench for the last three seasons.

Combining the last 3 regular seasons under the coaching staff of Taylor, Dineen, and Petersen the Amerks were ranked 4th overall in the American League with 257 points and the team was 5th overall in wins w/ 116. They had two straight playoff appearances and would have made a third before the 2019-2020 season was cancelled. Overall the team had a record of 116-73-14-11 in 214 regular season games played. The team also had six playoff losses and zero wins.

Chris Taylor has had a remarkable hockey career in Rochester and it seems as though it may be over. The future could present anything. This would be the fourth time that Taylor has departed the organization but only the first time he’s been fired. Taylor had spent parts of nine seasons as a player with the Rochester Americans and six seasons as either a head coach or assistant coach. He was a head coach from 2017-2020 for 194 regular season games and six playoff games. As an assistant coach from 2013-2016 he was behind the bench for 228 regular season games. As a player he played in 519 regular season games and 37 playoff games. That’s 15 of the last 21 seasons.

That’s a remarkable resume with one organization. Likely the last player/coach of his kind for the Rochester Americans with that type of longevity.

Spectrum talked to Chris Taylor who told them, “They said they wanted a clean slate. I asked if I could’ve done anything different. I asked if it was performance or anything like that. They said absolutely not and I understand. That’s part of our sport.” [ Full Story by Spectrum ]

What does this mean next for the Amerks franchise? There’s more questions than answers. The good thing for Amerks fans should be that development through winning is a philosophy that has continued to build throughout the American League. Winning is a necessity in this league and the pressure will be on for Kevyn Adams.

It’s going to be a tough sell in Rochester to rebuild the enthusiasm that has grown within the community.

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4 thoughts on “Amerks Coaching Staff Fired – Taylor, Dineen, and Petersen”
  1. Its about time. You have to ask yourself who was the last player drafted and developed by Taylor’s staff. That result is damming. They – the Amerks – dont know how to be champions just like Ristolainen. Id personally like to see the scouting staff changed as well.

  2. Great article Keith! Bruce, its tough picking out what the most insane part of your comment is. Taylor (AHL coach) does not draft any players and Taylor has done a great job with the talent his has available. Buffalo has consistently gutted the Amerks and rushed players into the NHL for the past 7 years. Ristolainen doesn’t know how to be a champion? Ask him how heavy his 2014 WJC Gold medal is. Risto has been a consistent 40 point player since he has entered the league. The Sabres upper management is run like a government agency. Promote incompetent people who make major knee jerking decisions.

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