Amerks Weren't Thrown to the Wolves…Pick Up One Point

For some reason, no matter how bad the Amerks are.  They can always get a point or two out of the defending Calder Cup champions.  Tonight was no exception.

Although in real life the Amerks won this game 4-2…the score the officials gave them was a 3-2 shootout loss.  The officiating tonight made me want to vomit.  I almost threw my soda bottle at the guy but, then I thought about not wanting to be asked to leave.

The first goal taken away came in the first period.  The Amerks scored first…to take the lead.  The wonderful referee…Chris Brown…said it was in…it was clearly in on all accounts.  But, after the Wolves told him it wasn’t in, he asked a linesman (who was no where even near the play) and he changed his mind and took it off.  I wonder if Mr Brown had money riding on this game.

In the third period, Janis Sprukts had a nice breakaway.  He took it in, had a nice shot, it dinged off the post…but over the goal line.  The red light went on, the goal horn was sounded…it was in.  Then it was taken off the board again.

Can the Amerks catch a break?  They played amazing tonight on all accounts.  Everyone was into the game.  They didn’t allow the two false goals get them down.  And Beckford-Tseu came up with some big saves to keep the team alive.

Scoring for the Amerks tonight was Michal Repik (who also scored the first taken away goal) and Stefan Meyer…who was boarded right before getting up to score (no call…of course).

Beckford-Tseu was the 3rd star of tonight’s game and Stefan Meyer was the 1st.  Well deserved.  They played their hearts out.

The Wolves won the shootout when none of the Amerks shooters could produce.  But, I am not complaining.  This game was probably the best game I have seen all year.  And I certainly hope they carry this over when they travel to Hamilton for tomorrow and Sunday.

I am making the trip, so expect updates on how the guys are doing.

I want to see fire this weekend.  Fire.