Scott Wedgewood Wants More than Just a Career Season

There were some questions on July 1, 2018 when the Buffalo Sabres announced in the first minutes of free agency that they signed goalie Scott Wedgewood to a one year two-way contract. Almost eight and a half months later Scott Wedgewood has answered all of those questions, many doubt filled, and proved that he could …
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New Goalie Helmet for Amerks David Leggio

I’ll always find goalie helmets in hockey fascinating because of the stories some of them have behind them.  David Leggio is debuting his new helmet this week which again has a split theme between the Rochester Americans and Buffalo Sabres.  The new paint job is because he has a new helmet from Bauer that they …
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Goalie Tyler Plante Talks Veteran Presence

The key to success for teams in the American Hockey League is to have a veteran presence on a roster of players in their young 20’s who have more or less moved away from home for the first time. Players need a peer that they can talk to in the locker room, someone they can …
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